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Ingredients and Manufacture

When it comes to our ingredients we have a simple philosophy keep it simple and keep it FRESH.
FRESH: Unlike many of the supermarkets and most of our competitors we bake our own sponge, to our own family recipe, and we bake everyday. This means your birthday cake gets to you as fresh as we can make it. It does not sit in a distribution centre or get bought from another bakery and sit in a freezer for days or even weeks.
EGGS: We buy frozen eggs rather than fresh eggs for three main reasons:
  • As with frozen peas, they get to us fresher than actual eggs and we can know the they have been stored correctly and not exposed to any temperature fluctuations.
  • We know they have been tested and cleared for bacteria such salmonella.
  • The chances of any egg shell making it into the final product are eliminated.
ANIMAL FAT: We do not use animal fat or any animal bi product in our cakes.
ALCOHOL: We do not use any alcohol in any part of the manufacture.
NUTS: We do NOT use nuts in our cakes, however we are legally obliged to say:
MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS as we buy in flour and other ingredients from suppliers who also stock nuts.
HACCP: We only make and decorate our cakes at our modern bakery unit, all of our equipment is stainless steel and cleaned under a strict cleaning regime. We operate under HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) to ensure our cakes are made to the highest of food preparation standards. We receive regular inspections from the local authority to make sure we maintain these high standards.
CHILDREN: With children and even grandchildren of our own we understand that giving a child a healthy diet is as important as giving them love and a good education. We aim to keep the sugar content to a minimum (hand rolling the sugarpaste covering to 3mm).

The key is a balanced diet, cake three meals a day would clearly be wrong. You wouldn't deprive them of love so don't deprive them of a slice of cake once a year.