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Birthday Cakes and Food Allergies

It's your sons fifth birthday and he has sixteen of his most energetic friends coming to his party.
You've booked the clown, planned the food, put away everything breakable and sit down to plan Charlie's Batman cake.
Then panic sets in. Paul's mum has told you that Paul is allergic to nuts and Kumal's mum wrote on her invite that Kumal is allergic to eggs.....

Allergic reactions to food ingredients (especially nuts) can be extremely serious, so you need to give this matter some consideration.
The internet is washed with information and may leave you more confused.

First rule : Don't take chances! If a child may have a serious medical condition or allergy, persuade them not to eat anything you are not 100% certain of.

A birthday cake may not have nuts in the recipe but nearly all companies will say "may contain traces of nuts". Here at Londoncakes.com we have nuts in one area of the bakery and there is a theoretical possibility that some tiny particles could be airborne and somehow find their way into the sponge - unlikely, but to be on the safe side and to be legal we have to say "may contain traces of nuts".

In order to claim "Nut Free" a bakery would need to install fine particulate filters and adopt laboratory style conditions - few, if any, can afford to do this.

Cakes are best when the contain eggs, wheat, milk and sugar.
We have a very good eggless recipe though not quite as tasty as the recipe made with eggs.
We have a wheat/gluten free recipe that is not so nice tasting as the egg free mix.
We have attempted a "milk-dairy-wheat-egg " free cake but we won't do THAT again in a hurry!
We have not attempted a sugar free cake and unless we can sell thousands won't try anything soon.