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Graham (Managing Director)

The journey from Chemical Engineer to Cake-Boss has been a complicated one. By the way I am the 'boss', but only when the women say I can be! We are determined to offer the best product and service for the best price. We are growing in a time of recession because our customers are telling everyone they know about us.

Growing this business will allow me to indulge in my many hobbies:
MG cars (we currently own three in various states of repair),
Our two dogs (Kara and Sweep).
Birdwatching and all things outdoor.
Our new narrowboat.
Watercolour painting (not very good).

We hope you enjoy dealing with us as much as we enjoy dealing with you.

Nikki (Customer Services Magician)

I love our business, I get to talk to happy people planning a happy event. I also get to talk to them after they have had their cake and get huge satisfaction from their comments. It makes all the long hours and hard work worthwhile.

I am building our business to provide a financially secure future for the love of my life (Isiah and my partner Paul).
As a family building this business has at time been stressfull for the four of us. we are now starting to reap the benefits of all those hours of toil.


Indi (Operations Supremo)

From an early age, I have always loved home cooking and baking –me and my sisters were all brought up to cook from scratch, using tried and tested family recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. This love of home cooking has served me well, especially when I started my own family just over thirty years ago. During that time, I’d only cooked or baked for friends and family, but I had always been encouraged to take the plunge and share my love for home cooking with a larger audience!

So, when my children were older, I took the necessary the steps to set up on my own and our family-run bakery business was born to produce naturally baked cakes with that unique homemade taste.  My partner Graham, daughter Nikki, son Kieran and sister Gita were all with me in helping to set up the business from its early inception, to its present day success; all family members playing vital roles in the business. During that time, we have organically grown the company and enjoyed many new additions along the way; including my five-year grandson who is a great help with the “tastings”!

Our small business originally started from the rented kitchens of a local bakery based in North West London and we produced cakes to residents who had a discerning taste for local foods. After a few years we took over and bought the bakery shop and we were fortunate to retain many of the original staff and so our family grew to the team to which it is today. Many of our team members, from our cake designers to our bakers to our delivery people have been on the journey with us.

Moving with the times and from the advent of the internet, the family felt we needed to shift our focus from a locally driven business to one which met the needs of a wider audience on a national scale and so Londoncakes.com and cakesnextday.com were both created to welcome many more satisfied customers to our world. And the rest is history!

To date we have supplied over 20,000 celebratory cakes across the UK and we still have many of our original customers who have been ordering our cakes since we started.

We have made cakes for “A” list celebrities such as Kylie, Britney, Alexandra Burke, One Direction, JLS and many more stars. We have also been commissioned to deliver our birthday cakes to “a rather large house” in London for a “rather large Royal family”!

So whether you want a cake to share some special moments with your friends, family or colleagues or to simply wish “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” to somebody special, or just simply to treat yourself - we are certain that you’ll enjoy our homemade cakes to mark all your special occasions.