Can I get a cake delivered to me tomorrow ?  

If you order before 4:00 pm we GUARANTEE to get a cake to you before 12:30 pm tomorrow*

If you enter your postcode during the order process you will automatically be given the days available, long before you have to pay.

Simple rule if the site accepts the postcode and date we WILL get it there.
If in any doubt call our helpline 0845 3 900 900

* The standard delivery service is next day before 6:00pm, the priority delivery (add £3) is before 12:30 delivery.
There are a few addresses in the Highlands and Islands that we can only deliver to on a 48 hour service.
We class Jersey and Gurnsey as International deliveries and outside normal delivery.

How is delivery charge calculated ?  

Real Simple !!
All deliveries Monday to Saturday are only £10.00 for postage and packing regardless of where you are in the UK :-))
We pay extra on your behalf to make sure this is a morning delivery.
The cake is scheduled to be with you before 12:30pm.
If it has not arrived before say, 12:00 give us a call and we will contact the local depot and message the driver for an update.

When do I need to book ?  

As soon as you are ready, during the order you will have the option of booking the date,
this can be anything up to 3 months in advance.
We won't actually make you cake until the last moment to gurantee it is as fresh as can be
 (unlike some supermarket cakes we could mention).

Occassionally we get so busy that we have to close the site to new orders for a particualr day,
so it is a good idea to book early if you can.

Can I add my own picture ?  

YES! This is where the fun really starts. Not only can you upload a picture you can add a speech bubble or even manipulate the picture using something like Photoshop.
You will have the option of up-loading the picture during the order.

Don't worry too much about the size and format we can cope with most things.
If the picture is too small or of poor quality we will contact you.

Any more questions call us on 0845 3 900 900

Can I send a cake to address different to mine ?  

Most definitely !!

What Days Do You Deliver?  

We deliver Monday to Friday.
Our cakes stay fresh for 10 days ( and don't need to go in the fridge).

So if you have a party at the weekend order the cake to arrive on Friday
and it will be perfect for a party on Saturday or Sunday.

Only problem is if you have the cake a day,
early you have to resist eatingit !!

What size cake will I need ?  

The standard cake is an 8 inch cake.
This will feed 16 adults and 20 children.

The medium cake is a 10 inch cake.
This will feed 25 adults and up to 40 children.

The picture below shows a 10 inch cake to give you an idea of the size.

Does the cake need to go in a fridge  

No ambient temperature is fine.
The best conditions are a little cool and away from
radiators, ovens and direct sunlight.

If you have a back bedroom that is a little bit cool even better.
If you do pout the cake in the fridge it can get condensation on it,
this can harm the image on the cake.

If you put cling film on the open face of the cake when cut,
this will extend the life of the cake, but our guess is once you
have tasted our delicious sponge it will all soon disappear.

Do I need to worry about nuts in the cake?  

Legally we have to say may contain traces of nuts, however
we have no nuts on the premises and no nuts on the ingredients list.

Because some of our suppliers do stock nuts, there is always the remote
possibility of cross contamination. If in doubt don't risk it.

For full information on allergies, ingredients check out the ingredients tab above
or call us for a chat....0845 3900900

Are your cakes suitable for Muslims?  

Simple answer is Yes.

We do not use any animal fat or animal bi-products.

Nor do we use any alcohol in our cakes or the process.

Are your cakes suitable for vegetarians?  

Our cakes do not contain eggs and are 100% Vegetarian.

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